Student Life

Which curriculum does the school follow?

The school follows the CAPS curriculum. However, it must be noted that the CAPS document is a framework upon which each teacher builds their curriculum. The CAPS document is extended to allow for more learning to take place.

In the FET phase, we use a service provider (IVA Global School) to facilitate online learning while we provide a physical classroom, Wi-Fi connectivity, administrative support and guidance from on-site teachers. In FET we follow the IEB curriculum.


What subjects are offered?

Subjects offered are phase-specific, however, the following encompasses the Prep School and Senior Phase:

  • English FL
  • Afrikaans FAL
  • IsiZulu SAL
  • Mathematics
  • Economic and Management Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Creative Arts/Arts and Culture
  • Life Skills/Life Orientation
  • Technology

FET offers all subjects via our online service provider.


At the Preparatory School level we offer: 

  • Athletics
  • Mini cricket
  • Soccer
  • Netball


At the College level we offer: 

  • Soccer
  • Netball


We have identified certain areas of interest beyond our standard curriculum where we felt our children would enjoy the experience and benefit from learning new skills.  We are happy to be able to provide knowledge sharing in these subjects, which are voluntary and are taught in the final hour of the school day. There is no end of year examinations or achievement assessments for these activities.

Activities are currently suspended and we are looking at resuming in 2023. All parents will be notified.

  • Coding and Robotics In keeping with our futuristic vision of the importance of technology in our new world, a few years ago we introduced coding and robotics as part of our PDP (Personal Development Programme). This is offered to both Foundation and Intermediate Phases.
  • Music lessons during which learners are taught how to play certain instruments (keyboard/guitar/drums) as well as how to read music are offered.
    We have a marimba band that was featured in our showcase concert at Carnival City’s Big Top Arena in 2019, as well as at the Department of Education Awards in the Springs Civic Centre also in 2019.
  • Singing and Choir is perhaps the most popular extra-curricular offering. We have an outstanding record of performance in a number of eisteddfods.
    Arts and craft classes are also particularly popular. All artwork for our concerts, wall hangings and deco are produced by our Arts and Craft group.
  • Cooking classes are attended by both boys and girls. We teach basic cooking skills; hygiene; and food storage methods. This group prepares meals for the aftercare children at times as well as catering for school functions. The cooking class was also exposed to entrepreneurship which is strongly encouraged in the school.
  • Basic woodwork is another popular class where learners made projects such as trays, duckboards and other useful items for the home. In addition, learners are taught how to use certain home DIY tools.